Strategic and Business Market Planning

Based in Erie, PA, we are a leading digital marketing & planning company. Where is your business heading in the short and long term? By conducting interviews with you and performing multifaceted market research, Forte Marketing organizes and implements a comprehensive plan to help grow your business.  Clients love our brand development  and public relations  services—but there is no one-size-fits-all.

Brand Development

 Not just a logo, but the feeling a client gets at the mention of your business name. That’s the difference between an industry and an icon. Is your brand sending the right message to consumers? Is it driving consumers to choose your product or service? Whether you’re creating a brand from scratch or reinventing yourself through branding, Forte Marketing hones in on what makes your business great, capitalizes on your value above your competition, and creates a brand that ultimately boosts profits.

Graphic Design

Logos, brochures, direct mail, magazines, annual reports, banners, websites, one-sheets, product packaging, point-of-purchase displays, print ads, online ads, interactive .pdfs, trade show booths, instruction manuals . . . Shall we go on? See our work here.

TV, Radio, Print, and Online Advertising

Every day at Forte Marketing, we manage media planning and buying from coast to coast. 10-second to full-length. PBS to Superbowl. 1/16-page to bus wrap. Essentially, if you’ve read it or seen it, we’ve designed, written, bought, planned, or produced something like it. When done properly, advertising works. And we happen to be very good at doing it properly (another forte of ours). Contact Shari  or Doug  about putting advertising to work to grow your business.  See our work here. 

Social Media

We have a knack for designing and producing results-oriented social media strategies for businesses. Let us take your product or service to the next level through branding, positioning, specific targeting and offers through all social media platforms.  Forte Marketing can help increase your likes and make people act on your offers in a matter of weeks. See our work here. 

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Need help increasing your business exposure and bringing in more clients through the web?  Is your website showing up when and where it should be?  Let us help you put your business at the top of keyword searches and drive traffic to your site. 

Public Relations

Much like your brand, your business’s public image evokes emotion in consumers. At Forte Marketing, our job is to make sure it’s the right kind of emotion. 40+ years of PR experience .

There is an art to gaining positive publicity. It doesn’t just happen. Interactions with the media, partnerships with social service organizations (cause marketing), political affiliations, social media  campaigns, e-newsletters, blogs, podcasts, shaking hands and kissing babies. We can create a plan and work alongside you to implement it.

Crisis Communications Plan

It’s not always sunny in business ownership. Whether it’s a disgruntled employees  or a discontent customer, don’t wait until the journalists are on your front steps to call us . A crisis communications plan outlines who talks to the media, what to say (P.S. It’s not “No comment.”), where to meet, who contacts whom within the organization, and much more.

Have a PR crisis that needs fixed today? Email Shari  or Doug  now or call 814-790-4979.


Event and Trade Show Planning and Execution

Special events and trade shows do not plan themselves. What a shocker! With 40+ years of experience, let Forte Marketing handle the creative planning, sponsorship, advertising, media relations, public relations, logistics, and on-site management. We work hard so your responsibility. . . is to sell and enjoy yourself.

Industry Experience

Economic Development Private Label
Education Retail
Food, Beverage& Restaurant* Salon & Spa*
Financial and Insurance Sports and Fitness
Home Improvement Economic Development
Manufacturing Tourism
Medical/Dental* Technology